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June 2021 - February 2022

Pushpay is a financial technology company that provides a mobile giving and engagement platform for churches, non-profits, and other faith-based organizations. Their platform also allows churches to run and manage church activities and staff.

I worked with the Pushpay product and engineering teams to redesign various features of the Church Management Software, a legacy software that hadn’t received a design refresh in over 10 years.


Overall goals were to streamline the product’s interaction flow to make it more intuitive to use and enhance its look and feel.

I worked closely with the Pushpay product and engineering teams to identify the pain points that would need to be addressed with the redesign, review designs iterations that led to my final design proposal, and assisted the team through development post-handoff.

I was able to redesign 4 key feature flows during my time on the project.


Public Group Finder

One of the key features I redesigned was the Public Group Finder, which allows new and existing church members to discover ministry groups and quickly get plugged into their church community.


As I kicked off this project, I learned that Pushpay’s Group Finder feature had not received a design update since its initial release 10 years ago.

Before I dove into any designs, I conducted usability tests of the previous Group Finder experience with existing Pushpay users. This helped me to understand first-hand what was frustrating users, what they expected from the feature and what they wanted to see in the redesign.
Those research insights informed my design process, and I built out user journey flows and wireframes for a newly imagined experience that would address the issues and desires of the end user.

To make sure I got it right, I conducted another round of usability tests with the redesigned wireframes— this time learning that we addressed the major usability issues but our designs still needed some minor improvements. I continued to iterate on the designs before landing on final designs shown below.


The redesigned Group Finder experience provides Pushpay customers a modern out-of-the-box product experience that is visually engaging with a clear/straightforward interaction flow.
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