I'm Selina Che, a designer of products & experiences based in Los Angeles.

I have an interdisciplinary background in product management, management consulting and fine arts that enables me to provide creative and intentional solutions to the design problems that people care about.

I spent two years as a product manager working on B2B and e-commerce products for tech and entertainment clients, and have been freelancing as a designer for over a year with startups in the Bay and Los Angeles areas. I also studied fine arts for 10 years growing up, and am currently obtaining my Master's in Human-Computer Interaction + Design at the University of Washington (MHCI+D).

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Design Approach

My design process balances my experiences in product management and design. From what I've learned in my years as a product manager, there is significant overlap between the design process and the agile product lifecycle. I believe both disciplines weave and intertwine to strengthen one another.

My knowledge in both areas helps me to understand the perspectives of the various factors and voices that influence the design of a product, service or experience, while also ensuring that the needs of the people who use these products, services or experiences are prioritized.

Areas of Interest

Spaces I am passionate about are the role of design in the creation and sustenance of self-concept, community, connection, and making room for minority voices.

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